JSG Capital Charged in $10M Ponzi Scheme

Two California men have been charged with defrauding $10 million from retail investors by promising exclusive investment opportunities “previously only available to the one-percent.”

The SEC filed a complaint against Jaswant “Jason” Gill, founder and CEO of JSG Capital Investments, and Javier Rios. Both men have been accused of pocketing at least $2.8 million in investor funds, using at least some of investors’ money to pay for meals at high-end restaurants, trips to Las Vegas, and tickets to professional sporting events.

JSG Capital billed itself as a “boutique advisory firm” with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Investors were told that they could secure annual returns of up to 60% by investing in tantalizing pre-IPO stocks including Airbnb, Uber, and Alibaba.

The JSG Capital website enticed investors by promising access to alternative investment strategies previously reserved for the ultra-rich, and touting their Wall Street experience – Gill’s biography claimed he had been a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

According to the SEC, Morgan Stanley has never employed Gill and Rios has a background in the food service industry, not financial services.

Rios and Gill also have been charged with criminal wire fraud in addition to operating a Ponzi scheme. Less than 1% of investor funds were actually transferred to JSG trading accounts.

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If you invested with Gill, Rios, or JSG Capital, you may have certain legal rights that require your immediate attention.

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